History of Pain

The WP’s fourth album is out today! You can buy it on iTunes or most digital platforms, or (best bang for your buck) on our Bandcamp page. Listen to it there and tell us what you think…

The album was recorded and mixed by our producer and friend Murray Lightburn. It features Stacey DeWolfe on drums, the guitar stylings of Steve Raegele, a guest keyboard spot from the great Nicole Lizée, and some co-writes from Warren Auld, Mocky and our friends in Les yeux fermés.

I like it, and hope you do too!


2 thoughts on “History of Pain”

  1. You’ve got me drooling, WP! I can’t wait to get my hooks on this new pup. Congrats… to you and the fans! In the words of Cyclone MD, “…another one to rock to/another one to clock to/another movie scene allowing me to stuff-sock to”

    Yours truly,
    Taylor Savvy

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