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Stacey and I are back in the studio with Murray, recording new WP tracks for the first time since 2010. Those years went by fast. I didn’t mean to take so long, but that’s life.

At the beginning of January, I was feeling pretty down in the dumps (as I think is probably normal in a place basically unfit for human habitation at this time of year). I can’t express how good it feels to be working on music again. Recording is full of its own little frustrations and anxieties, pretty much constantly, but the difference to my general state of mind in doing something meaningful with my time is immense.

Someone asked me today if I had a release plan. Releasing music as a middle-aged DIY artist is a funny place to be at this particular time in history. So we’re working on the details, but the plan is to put out new music and do all the things a band does before too long.



A few people have commented on the paucity of Wooden Stars music available to listen to online. As it happens, someone recently uploaded one of their best tunes to YouTube along with a lengthy and thoughtful post about my book and the band’s music. Check it out.

People keep asking me about book sales. I find that a funny question. I can’t recall anyone ever asking me about how my record sales are going (just as well). For the record, I have no idea how the book is selling. I am the author, not the publisher. I imagine I will find out some info about sales at some point down the line, but the book just came out in the fall. Of course I hope that it reaches as many people as possible. I will just add that if you buy a copy, the sales will be doing that much better.



A pretty interesting interview with soundtrack composer Cliff Martinez. Though it mentions his stint with RHCP in passing, unfortunately it doesn’t get into his previous gigs with two of my favourites, Captain Beefheart and the Dickies.

Something to pass along to the next person who calls Neil Young’s anti-oilsands campaign “hypocritical.”

My Cult MTL colleague Alex Rose wrote a review of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which made me laugh a bunch. I still plan on seeing the movie, albeit strictly at the $6 Tuesday screening at my local multiplex.

If you like punctuation, as I do, you must read this.



Reigning Sound’s Love and Curses, Willie Nelson and Leon Russell’s duo album (especially the second record of all schmaltzy standards with orchestra), Kurt Vile’s latest Wakin on a Pretty Daze (speaking of punctuation, I can barely tolerate dropped Gs in written form and it’s even worse with no apostrophe, but I guess I have to let this one slide), and the Ramones’ third and fourth records (recently rediscovered on a cheapo CD reissue, signed by the band courtesy of my high school girlfriend, and still inspirational).




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