WP Fundraiser for Parc Ex Mutual Aid

Parc Ex Mutual Aid

How’s everyone doing out there?

What a time we’re living in….

I don’t have any big statement to make about the current unrest—mainly because I think it’s more important, for me at least, to listen and learn from the people who are actually affected by this crisis.

One valuable thing I heard (I wish I could cite the speaker directly, but it was in a sort of audio collage on CKUT while I was driving, so I couldn’t find the source) was someone saying “It’s nice of you [white people] to show up, but what we’d like now is for you to stick around!” Wise words, which added to my nagging feeling of “what can I do to help?”

So, inspired by a few other friends who are using this moment to raise funds for worthy causes (such as longtime WP collaborator Todd Stewart’s sale of his amazing cityscape prints, with all proceeds going to charitable organizations in the respective cities), I decided to do a fundraiser.

So from now until the end of 2020, 100% of proceeds from WP music and merch will go to Parc Ex Mutual Aid, an organization that helps the less fortunate in our neighbourhood, which is majority POC and low-income.

Most of their current focus is on helping people get COVID-19 gear and preparedness, but they also help with groceries, housing, and other important issues. You can check out their website and FB group to find out more about the good work they do.

Order on our Bandcamp page, and all proceeds will go to this group.

I encourage anyone to contribute if you can, and/or to help similar organizations in your own area.

Stay safe and stay strong!

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