WP News, July 2013

I’ve been busy the last couple of months preparing the release of Lion Farm’s new EP.

Nearly 10 years after the fact (UPDATE: actually only five years; clearly I have lost track of time), Spiral Stairs of Pavement discovered our cover of “Kennel District” and expressed his slackadaisical approval on Twitter. I was tickled.




That’d be our performance at Waterloo’s Starlight club inĀ  2007 or 2008:


I recently found out that MySpace relaunched their latest version, but erased all the content on everyone’s pages except the music and profile picture. I found that pretty annoying. Like most people I stopped using MySpace a while ago, but I did have a bunch of blog posts up there from before this site was blog-enabled. There also used to be, some time ago, a database of all the past shows I’d done, which was helpful for the historical record. It would have been nice to at least have been notified (though, would I have opened an email from MySpace?). Oh well! I guess the bigger question is, is there any point whatsoever in updating the existing music or info on MySpace?

Through a friend I found this link to a rant about the state of the music business by a musician named James Brooks. I’m not familiar with his work, or to any of the people he refers to, but I thought it summed up the situation quite well.

Longtime friend and collaborator Steve Raegele has a track on a new Believer magazine comp with his avant-jazz solo project. Lots of cool stuff on there.

Finally, I recently demoed a bunch of new WP tunes. I’m pretty stoked about getting back on the horse, releasing some new music and doing a bunch of shows for 2014. Does that seem far off? It’ll be here before we know it!


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