Shary Boyle’s excellent “Wanted” poster for the notorious orange jumpsuit of yore.

Release party for the Deep Inside the World Provider EP at Pasalymany (RIP), Montreal, August 2003. Photo: Raf Katigbak.

Outside New Orleans’ Circle Bar, an unexpected chalk replica of Todd Stewart’s show poster. Photo: Heidi Post.

Casa del popolo, Montreal, January 2005. A reported 7 couples hooked up during or after this performance. 14 people getting lucky: a personal record we humbly aspire someday to beat.

Casa del popolo, Montreal, April 2005. Photo: Christoph Heldt.

A mysterious fan disguised as the WP at the Hurricane Katrina benefit show for Quintron & Miss Pussycat at Zoobizarre, Montreal. Photo courtesy of 011.

Portrait of the WP by Patrick Pomerleau, courtesy of 011.

Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto, October 2005. Photos: Lee Towndrow.

Tyler K. Rauman’s poster for a WP/Ninja High School/Giselle Numba One show sometime in 2006.

Patrick Pomerleau’s poster for a WP/011 show in August of (I think) 2007.


Friendship Cove (RIP), February 2008. Photo by Marilis Cardinal.

Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, October 2008, opening for Jamie Lidell… and enjoying our perks where we can get them.

Onstage in NYC opening for Jamie Lidell, October 2008. Photo courtesy of Superforest blog (RIP).

Backstage in Quebec City, November 2008, Kara looks longingly at Stars’ epic booze rider as we sip on our “staff priced” drinks. (It should be noted that Stars shared their rider with us the moment they showed up).

Backstage with Peaches in Hamburg, spring 2009.

Todd Stewart’s excellent poster for the History of Pain album launch in Montreal, September 2011. I would be remiss in not mentioning that we have screen-printed versions of this for sale (which also gets you a download of the album) on our Bandcamp page.

“Onstage” at the School House outside of Guelph, September 2011.



Onstage in Toronto at the Wavelength music series, October 2014. Photos by Jonny Dovercourt.

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