Sad News, Show News, and a New Song



I was very saddened recently by the sudden passing of Ange-Aimée Woods. She and I were not close per se, but she was a friend as well as a big supporter of all my projects. I’m still a little shocked, not quite over the fact that she’s gone.

Her family and friends have set up a memorial bursary in her name which will support journalism students at Concordia based on financial need. Now j-school might not seem like the most relevant cause to some, but in my opinion, with the state of the media being the way it is, we need informed and passionate journalists more than ever. I think it’s a great way to pay tribute to her enthusiasm and integrity while supporting the people who still care enough to get into this crazy line of work.

I hate to tie this sad news in with self-promotion, but bear with me here. We are playing the Passovah Festival in Montreal on August 21. The festival has released a compilation featuring many of the artists playing at the fest. It’s available at a pay-what-you-can price, with all proceeds going to the Ange-Aimée Woods Memorial Bursary.

The WP has a song on the comp. “Pam Pam” is a brand new tune that will be “officially” released as our new single this fall. It features Stacey on lead vocals and my man Chilly Gonzales on the piano.

Check it out and if you have a few bucks to donate, you can get the whole comp for a good cause.