New WP coming soon

The new WP record is officially in the can! Details are to follow, but I can confirm that it’s a five-song EP called Old Dreams; it’s once again produced by Murray Lightburn and features longtime WP pals Stacey DeWolfe, Chilly Gonzales, Steve Raegele and my brother Nick Fraser; it will be released this fall in a (very) limited edition 10″ vinyl as well as on all digital platforms, and we will be doing some shows for the release.

I posted a few pics from the sessions last year, but here are a few more to tide you over until we have more to share.

Can’t wait for you to hear these new tunes!

Murray laying down some bass. Yes, he dresses this well just for a day in the home studio.
My baby bro slamming down some tracks with the “cymbal on the snare” trick in full force.
Steve getting his John Cage on with some prepared guitar.

Lion Farm

I’m happy to announce the launch of the debut recordings of my new band, Lion Farm. You can listen to the four tracks on our Bandcamp page, and download them if you so desire.

Lion Farm is the latest chapter in the long collaboration between me and Mike Foxxx, who people from back in the day in Toronto will remember as the mastermind of my old bands Rock ‘n’ Roll Bad Boy XXXpress and Seventy Whore. WP cohorts Stacey DeWolfe and Steve Raegele are also on board.

A few people have asked me whether this means that the WP is no more. For the record, the WP is not finished or even that fashionable, nebulous term “on hiatus.” Obviously, when Lion Farm is active, other projects will have to go on a side burner (especially ones with such a large overlap in band members!). But I am still writing songs and scheming up plans for the WP.

Have a listen at our page, and hope you like it. I am going to avoid cross-marketing with WP fans from here on in, so if you would like to keep up with Lion Farm, you can sign up on our Facebook page or get on our mailing list by emailing lionfarm666 @