WP on the Radio

The WP band is seeing out 2011 with a live performance on Montreal’s CISM this Thursday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. Listen on 89.3 on your radio dial in Montreal or stream it live here from anywhere!

UPDATE: If you missed the show, it’s now archived here. Other than a few vocal warbles, I’m quite happy with the performance. Merci CISM!

I Got It All Wrong

The new WP video for “I Got It All Wrong,” by Montreal artists, photographers and now filmmakers Jason and Carlos Sanchez, is now available for your viewing pleasure!

The World Provider – I Got It All Wrong from Malcolm Fraser on Vimeo.
As the astute WP fan will note, this is not a new song. The Sanchez Brothers had been pitching an “I Got It All Wrong” video for a while before the funding came through. I tried my damnedest to get them to rethink it for one of the History of Pain tunes, but they had their heart set on this one. In the end I’m fine with it since I do think it’s one of my better songs, and it didn’t get a lot of attention when Hard Feelings came out a few years ago.

It’s a cliché to say that the best songs come easily, and I’m not sure I would agree with that unequivocally, but this one certainly did. It was one of those (for me, very) rare moments when an idea came into my head, I sat down at the keyboard and when I started to play, everything just flowed out. I recorded it with Dave Smith at the Breakglass Studio using just a piano and the drum machine from one of the Breakglass’s vintage organs, then Mike Feuerstack sprinkled his magic steel guitar on top.

Shooting the video was pretty crazy. I spent most of it hanging upside down in a harness, which gave me a whole new respect for action movie stars—the experience left me dizzy and covered with bruises and welts. Two grizzled old experts helped me get up and down with gruff, paternal wisdom (and told me that an actor would normally have a couple days’ training, rather than my hour’s worth). On top of it all, in order to get the “swimming” effect I had to move really fast while being shot in slow motion.

It was kind of a nightmare and I may have had a diva moment or two, for which I hope the Bros and their crew will forgive me. But you gotta suffer for your art sometimes, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out… hope you enjoy it too.