“Everything” video by Adam Traynor

“Hey Joanne” video by Bryce Cody

The World Provider – Hey Joanne from Malcolm Fraser on Vimeo.

“Pam Pam” video by Kara Blake

“I Got It All Wrong” video by Jason and Carlos Sanchez

The World Provider – I Got It All Wrong from Malcolm Fraser on Vimeo.

“The World’s Biggest Assholes” video┬áby Laura Borealis

“Volunteers” video by Kara Blake

“A Thousand Pardons” video by Stacey DeWolfe

“Last Knights of the Wherewithal” video by Kara Blake

Donzelle featuring WP, “Fachos du timbre,”
directed by Virpi Kettu

2 thoughts on “VIDEOS”

  1. Hi!

    Would be interesting to learn if any video / audio recording exists of the interview with Royal Trux at POP Montreal in 2017.
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Sorry, I thought I’d replied to this a long while ago. It was recorded, but only by the band themselves. They insisted that no one else be allowed to. They are in strict control of their image!

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