What do you provide?
The world.

What kind of music do you play?
Descriptions that people have used: “Hallmark-card heavy metal, support-group bubblegum” (Montreal Mirror); “rather good jangly pop” (National Post); “danceable disco-y sunshiny summertime bare-feet-in-rollerskates kind of music” (Wavelength); “inspirational whistling, crooning, shrieking and spaz dancing” (Exclaim); “Devo meets AC/DC” (Olga Goreas, The Besnard Lakes), “Tiny Tim meets the Ramones” (my dad); “AM radio rock” (Wavelength again), “the Crispin Glover of the Montreal music scene” (Pop Montreal program).

Why are your songs/albums/live sets so short?
I firmly adhere to Entertainment Principles such as: quality over quantity; all killer, no filler; leave ’em wanting more. Thus, in my view the question is rather: why are everyone else’s so long? (Update: the WP has recently been experimenting with “normal” song lengths. It has yet to impact our popularity at press time).

What’s up with the musicians? I thought The World Provider was a one-man band.
The WP is a man, a band, a plan… an occasionally rotating crack group of players enabling a singular creative vision. Just like those famous Canadian indie-rock bands, except I don’t pretend it’s a collective. Oops, did I say that out loud?

Can you put me in touch with Feist/Peaches/Gonzales/etc?